Why Create an Online Fundraising Program

With limited funding and tight budgets, many schools, organizations
and nonprofits are desperate for innovative and simple ways to raise
money. Selling customized, printed goods in an effort to fundraise isn’t
new and novel; however, selling these same customized goods in an
online, fundraiser-store format is innovative and has a very profitable
and exciting future.
Online fundraising, also commonly referred to as ‘crowdfunding,’
leverages the power of the Internet, social media and ecommerce in an
effort to raise money online. Crowdfunding has exploded with popular
crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. These
platforms make it easy for anyone to create and deploy an online
fundraising campaign. According to Forbes, in 2013 the crowdfunding
industry grew to be over $5.1 billion.


What’s In It for Me?
Understanding the Benefits

No cost, no liability
Adirondack Screen Graphics offers a free online fundraising
store with no inventory commitment.

An online fundraiser can be created and
launched in minutes. The online store can
be shared rapidly via email blasts and social
media promotion.

Free PR & Marketing
Clients can use their fundraising effort to
generate free PR, all while promoting their
cause and identity.

An online fundraising store allows the client
to engage and interact with their current and
prospective audience.

No Inventory
The client doesn’t have to stock, distribute and
worry about dated or unsold merchandise.

Physical Products
So many fundraising campaigns seek money
and contributions with nothing tangible in
return for the donor. With printed goods as the
fundraising vehicle, the donor receives a
tangible item for their contribution, thusly
increasing the likelihood of soliciting more

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