Online Store

Why Create an Online T-Shirt Store

Have you ever had an idea that would be great on a t-shirt?The cost of production and distribution as well as inventory seem to make it impossible.We can now take those costs away from you.Contact us - submit your artwork - get your stores URL - start selling.(We can even connect the store to a URL of your own.)Online stores leverages the power of the Internet, social media and eCommerce in an effort to make money online.  

What’s In It for Me? Understanding the Benefits

  • No cost, no liability
    • Adirondack Screen Graphics offers a free online  store with no inventory commitment.
  • Fast
    • An online store can be created and launched in minutes. The online store can be shared rapidly via email blasts and social media promotion.
  • Free PR & Marketing
    • Clients can use their store to generate free PR, all while promoting their ideas and identity.
  • Engagement
    • An online store allows the client to engage and interact with their current and prospective audience.
  • No Inventory
    • The client doesn’t have to stock, distribute and worry about dated or unsold merchandise.
  • Physical Products
    • With printed goods as the fund making vehicle, the buyer receives a tangible item, unlike free downloads. etc. ,  increasing the likelihood of gaining a larger customer base. 

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